One of a kind
One of the best sushi places in Montreal. Their special rolls are amazing. The Lips dish is absolutely unique! Their dessert options are also pretty decadent.

Go-to sushi place, always outstanding
When I want good Sushi, I go to Sho Dan. I have NEVER had a bad experience, and have probably been there close to 100 times, no joke. The Sushi can be pricey but really not outrageous. It is actually very well priced, you can eat for two under $50 if you order standard lunch option. Best sushi pizza I've ever had.

Best sashimi in town
Nothing but great service and great food I highly recommend! You will not leave disappointed or hungry :)

Sho Dan Shows Well!
Great evening solo on business at Sho Dan. It’s a dimly lit restaurant with ambiance but still cozy. I had ordered a few things, but Romeo the owner suggested changing the order which was highly advisable. Excellent, creative and fresh sushi. Service was awesome and they made me feel at home. A solid choice while out on the town, on a date or business meeting.

Great place for groups
It was my first time at Shô-Dan and it did not disappoint. Local colleagues recommended it and hyped it as the best sushi in Montreal. It was very good and the service was excellent. I would definitely return


Always good food and friendly staff

What a great discovery! Awesome food.

Shô Dan has on my point of view one of the finest experiences on sushi dining in Montreal. Amazingly fresh ingredients, sushi rolls, sashimi cuts, miso soup, wakame salad and other delicacies are served on with sober and elegant presentation, what can we say about flavour and consistency, simply amazing.
Romeo is a great host and his gracious visits to our table from time to time were welcomed to crack jokes and make a better experience from an already cozy dining experience.
Thank you for welcoming us while we were offering an unforgettable experience to our new partner and brand ambassador.

Fancy sushi place with some tasty signature dishes. Particularly enjoyed the black dragon dish

One of the best in town

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